Proletarian Power’ is promoted by Chandra Sekhar Gupta Boggarapu (view brief profile) with the objective of ensuring “peace, prosperity and justice” for all Indians. While India has won its freedom from the British more than 60 years back, sadly mass of Indians still suffer from abject poverty. Reasons for this are many. Colonial mindset of rulers, unacceptably high levels of corruption in the government, lack of awareness on the part of people etc., are only few reasons. We believe all Indians not only deserve but also have a right to enjoy ‘peace, prosperity and justice’. This we want to achieve mainly through examining macro economic environment (including government policies) from the ‘public interest’ angle. We want to use discussions, debates among the well informed and appropriately educate people (and institutions) to achieve our above said objective.

Besides we plan to work, independently or in collaboration with like minded people/institutions, to empower the proletariat. This may be in the form of relevant education, imparting/upgrading necessary skills, providing relevant technology etc.,

We are a ‘not-for-profit’ entity. We are not activists. We have no political agenda. We do not seek publicity. We do not take donations. We want to create an India where everyone, including the proletariat, can live happily . We use constitutionally/democratically available tools to achieve our stated objective.